Repeated construction with our professional developer DOMIS

24 January 2022

When JCN Bolig builds for DOMIS again and again, this repeated collaboration is based on a high level of trust.

Visualisering af Vestereng Visualisering af Vestereng

When JCN Bolig builds for DOMIS again and again, this repeated collaboration is based on a high level of trust. We keep our word and via excellent collaboration, we help each other through a process that is supported by open calculation. Here the developer obtains a detailed insight into the whole calculation for the project. The developer can thus adjust the level of quality in relation to where the bar is set and JCN Bolig can thus realise quality construction without any surprises, which is handed over flawless to the end investor – and on time.

We prove that we keep our word, when we again and again build for the same developer. Bit openness in the calculation also requires that the developer can accept seeing what the contractor earns on the project. This is why we can provide the guarantee that we do and build to the high level of quality that we are known for, and that we also will be here tomorrow when the next project must be realised. 

Every element is part of the whole – openness, excellent collaboration and repeated construction.

Vestereng is located next to the old school of journalism in Aarhus. Here, in collaboration with developer DOMIS, JCN Bolig is about to build another major project, 319 student apartments, which we call Journalisten. Vestereng is an adjacent construction field, that lies next to the woods where the Grøn Koncert musical festival was previously held. The project will consist for 82 family apartments, varying in size between 50 m2 and 130 m2. Six apartment blocks will be built, totalling 6,500 m2.

Vestereng fits really with a workflow that we already established on the construction site with the 319 student apartments on Journalisten, where the shell has just been completed. Vestereng will get fully underway on 1 March.

To create a clear reference to the old school of journalism, the load-bearing element is concrete like the student apartments. In addition, the construction contrasts sharply with the other projects since the façades are characterised by being very open with large windows and running balconies. Architecture firm SLETH, which designed Vestereng and the 319 student apartments on Journalisten, have also made a local plan with reference to the old school of journalism, which is iconic and known throughout Aarhus.

The Vestereng project is special because all of the apartments have large, inserted balconies, which are 1.6 m in depth along the entire length of the apartments. This means that some apartments have a 40-60 m2 balcony/terrace for residents to enjoy. They will be very attractive apartments. Something that the end investors have focused a great deal on. 

The apartments are attractive and have a high level of quality, but also because they face the green area, where the large terraces invite outdoor activities. 

Developer: DOMIS                           

Architect: SLETH

Engineer: Afry